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Rachael De Foe, the founder behind our strategic consultancy.

Looking to Redefy?

We're a bunch of passionate change-makers, challenge-takers and go-getters. Creative strategists who push boundaries and work to continually Redefy what's possible.

If you're driven by the desire to effect change, defy what is expected, and want to do it over and over again -- we'd love to hear from you.

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Rachael De Foe

Rachael is The Catalyst, helping visionary founders create pivotal innovation moments and intentional narratives. Her unique ability to hear, crystallise and articulate the unsaid allows her to expertly spark new perspectives and deliver the voice clients are looking for.


Her career experience in the fintech and financial services sector across Southeast Asia, North America and Europe at global PR agencies led her to found Redefy, where she expanded her practice to strategic communications. She leads the consultancy’s mission to help transformative companies build great ideas into more than a headline.

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