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Redefy Strategies

We are a strategic communications consultancy helping visionary founders unleash their brilliance to the world.

We accelerate their mission by redefying how communications can and should be done.

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Redefy what's good.

We're here to push the envelope on the conventional narrative.

We act as catalysts to spark new ideas, insights and opportunities for transformative businesses.

Strategic communications to ignite good growth.

We start with intentional narratives.

A pivotal part of our process involves working closely with founders to understand what drives their business — their passions, their plans, the numbers and everything in between.


We refine and reframe communications informed by a deep understanding of their mission, and create a strategy that has the power to achieve positive business results.

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Uncovering what's
worth telling.

We take the hard stories and give them heart.

That means connecting the dots and crafting compelling stories that galvanise your audience and inspire conversations around your cause.


Whether it's emerging technologies or complex systems, we find what makes you extraordinary and transform them into powerful stories that connect and resonate. Stories that have the potential to shift perceptions and shape your ecosystem.

Our driving force.

If they succeed, we all succeed.

We are in it for the trailblazers that are forging ahead for an inclusive, brighter future. Those looking at things through the lens of humanity. Those that are in it for good.

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